Verborgenes Verlangen – Book (German)

by Marijke Linssen M.A.
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German version of the ‘A Wish unfulfilled’ Guidebook for couples undergoing fertility treatments.

This is the first guidebook for couples undergoing fertility treatments that is recommended by fertility doctors in different countries all over the world.
If you want to start a family and are faced with fertility issues, this has a profound impact on your life. ‘A wish unfulfilled’ is thé guidebook for couples undergoing fertility treatment. The book makes sure that men and women are not only physical prepared for their fertility journey but also mentally. To get through this process in the best possible way.

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Everyone has their own story, but Linssen has learned from many interviews, a lot of research and years of being a coach that these couples tend to encounter very similar difficulties. These difficulties are all addressed in separate chapters to give you an idea of what you may experience during your journey, and tips and exercises are provided to deal with them as well as possible.

Undergoing fertility treatment has impact on the pillars of your life. It has impact on: yourself, your relationship, your family ties, your friendships and work. Well, that is your whole life! To make sure these pillars will still be standing strong during and after your treatment you have to work on that. This guidebook will give you the exercises, questions, real-life scenarios and all the tools needed to be well prepared for your fertility treatment and move forward.

At times it may feel overwhelming when you are in the process of fertility treatment and this can cause strain on your relationship with your partner. This book will present you the coping techniques that are effective to remain in touch with your partner throughout the process, as well as after the process. At the end of each chapter you will find important questions you can ask each other to make sure you continue this journey together.

The uniqueness of this book is that it comes with a workbook. It correlates with the different stages of fertility treatment and provides you with tools, tips, exercises and assignments to ensure that the treatment process will go as smoothly as possible.

This is het only book that gives you the answer to your questions and give you the information and tools you didn’t know you needed!

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